Here is to a new start

Again, in my office, about to clock out to head to Home Depot (HD), for some stain sponges. Oh, by the way, my wife and I run a small home business making signs and home decor. Not a whole lot but we want to grow it and make something of it.

Anyway, I’m an “old gamer” I use quoatations as I’m not that old but when I sit back and think about it I am! 37….. Yes I know I’m not that old but not getting younger of course. So, 37, married, 4 kids, work at dead end job(?) and want more out of my life, not money really, but, want to get where I want to be where I dont have to worry about clocking in every day to job I don’t enjoy anymore.

That’s why I’m here. Creating a blog about myself, my gaming, the business, nerd culture, and my family. Why not get to know all of me rather than a small snippet right?

For now I’ll conclude as it’s time to leave work and head home to stain some signs for an upcoming workshop my has.